IGNOU MCA 5th Sem Solved Assignments 2012-13

Below Posted Assignments are IGNOU MCA 5th Sem Solved Assignments For July-January-2012-13 Session.

Solved Assignments Details :

1 – Advanced Internet Technologies ( MCS-051 )

Download MCS-051 Solved Assignment 2012-13

2 – Principles of Management and Information Systems ( MCS-052 )

Download MCS-052 Solved Assignment 2012-13

3 – Parallel Computing ( MCSE-011 )

Download MCSE-011 Solved Assignment 2012-13

4 – Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge ( MCSE-003 )

Download MCSE-003 Solved Assignment 2012-13

5 – Numerical and Statistical Computing ( MCSE-004 )

Download MCSE-004 Solved Assignment 2012-13

6 – Computer Graphics and Multimedia (MCS-053)

Download MCS-053 Solved Assignment 2012-13

7 – Laboratory Course (MCSL-054)

Download MCSL-054 Solved Assignment 2012-13

 RememberLast Dates of Submission For July 2012 Session is 15th October, 2012 and for January 2013 Session its 15th April, 2013 .

If you are Facing any Problem in Downloading Assignments then please post here in Comment’s and we will try to Solve it As soon as possible .

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