IGNOU MCA 3rd Sem Solved Assignments 2012-13


Below is the IGNOU MCA 3rd Sem Solved Assignments For July-January-2012-13 Session and if you want just Assignments questions, then you can Download it from official Site of Ignou .

Solved Assignments Details :

1 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms ( MCS-031 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCS-031 Solved Assignment 2012-13

Updated – Answers of the Question 7 and 8 Added .

2 – Object Oriented Analysis and Design ( MCS-032 )

Download IGNOU MCS-032 Solved Assignment 2012-13

Updated and Answer of the Question 8 Added .

3 – Advanced Discrete Mathematics ( MCS-033 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCS-033 Solved Assignment 2012-13


4 – Software Engineering ( MCS-034 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCS-034 Solved Assignment 2012-13

5 – Accountancy and Financial Management ( MCS-035 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCS-035 Solved Assignment 2012-13

6 – Lab Course ( MCSL-036 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCSL-036 Solved Assignment 2012-13

Note – Third Part of MSCL-036 Find on Sheet 2 of Excel File .

MCSL-036 Part 1 and Part 2 Credit – Vijayjyotani .

Special Thanks to Abhay Kumar for Providing Solution of Part 3 MCS-035 in MCSL-036 Solved Assignment.

RememberLast Dates of Submission For July 2012 Session is 15th October, 2012 and for January 2013 Session its 15th April, 2013 .

More Assignments will be added Soon . Keep Checking . 🙂


  1. mcs 032 latest assignment has 8 questions,, but the one uploaded here has only 7 question…
    the 8th question is:
    What is ternary association? Explain how ternary associations
    are mapped into tables with an example.

    plzzz give the answers of the above question also,,,,

  2. plzz upload the remaining solved assignments of MCA 3rd sem 2012-13 asap plzzzz,,,,, it will a great help for all of the MCA 3rd sem students,,, waitng for the remaining solved assignments eagarly,,,,,

  3. In mcs 031 there are 10 questions in which answers of question no. 7 & 8 is not given,,, plz provide the answers of the following questions as well….

  4. hello friend……plz provide us the remaining assignments as soon as possible because we have to submit these assignments before 30th sept……plz dear….and thanks for the solved assignments:)

  5. And one more thing….In mcs 031 there are 10 questions in which answers of question no. 7 & 8 is not given,,, plz provide the answers of the following questions as well….

  6. hey what are u doing?….firstly when you have provided us MCS31 assignment, and now when we compare it with current assignment its totally different. What is this?….

  7. thank u dear sheet 1 is solution of labmanual q 4
    dont wory about it …..
    we can write only sheet 2 mcsl 036 q-3
    and mcs035 q1 is also given
    any onther information u will mail me [email protected]
    and ask your question
    thanks for visiting…………

  8. Hey! i can see that in MCS-036, Section 3:MCS035: The numbers in Question is not at all matching with the numbers in the solution that is provided here..So is it correct??

  9. Thanks for helping all of us so very much. I know this ‘Thanx’ is not all that helpful to you, but its authentic. Thanx a ton. 🙂

  10. sir i could’t find that so pls send me the attachment of all assigments pls sir its a request to u my sub. date is 15 aug. so pls send me as soon as possible

  11. plz admin bhaiya update remaining assignment of MCA 3rd sem bcz last date of submission 30th september so i have a lot trouble……….as soon as load remaining assignment……………………….


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