IGNOU MCA 1st Sem Solved Assignments July-January 2015-16

IGNOU MCA First Semester Solved Assignments for July-January 2015-16 session is now available here at free of cost .

Fully solved MCS-011 assignment for July-January 2015-16 is added and remaining solved will also added very soon.

MCA First Semester Assignments Details :

1 – Course Code : MCS-011
Course Title : Problem Solving and Programming

Download MCS-011 Solved Assignment July-January 2015-16

2 – Course Code : MCS-012
Course Title : Computer Organisation and Assembly Language

Download MCS-012 Solved Assignment 2015-16

Shared by Deepak Khandelwal

3 – Course Code : MCS-013
Course Title : Discrete Mathematics

Coming Soon

4 – Course Code : MCS-014
Course Title : Systems Analysis and Design

Download MCS-014 Solved Assignment

Shared by Deepak Khandelwal

Download MCS-014 Solved Assignment July-January 2015-16

Solved by Pixel Classes .

5 – Course Code : MCS-015
Course Title : Communication Skills

Coming Soon

6 – Course Code : MCSL-016
Course Title : Internet Concepts and Web Design

Download MCSL-016 Solved Assignment

Shared by Deepak Khandelwal

7 – Course Code : MCSL-017
Course Title : C and Assembly Language Programming

Download MCSL-017 Solved Assignment

Shared by Deepak Khandelwal

Last Dates for Assignment Submission :

For July 2014 Session – 15th October, 2015 .

For January 2015 Session – 15th April, 2016 .

We would like to say big thank you to Mr Deepak Khandelwal for sharing solved assignments with us .

Remaining first semester solved assignments are coming very soon, keep checking this post .

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    I can’t find solution in the given assignment.

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          LOL ! I learned those stuffs in order to solve it, everything like the pigionhole principle, theory of probability n things like that. Trust me, it isn’t that tough…try to solve them…in that way u can prepare for ur xamz as well…it’s just a matter of giving half n hour to those topics … n in case u still find any difficulty…m always there to help ya…

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    Q.1 (a) mentions the total bits including sign bit as 10 and not 12 as mentioned in the solution. Accordingly, in (i), 512 would be shown as 010 0000 0000 i.e. in 11 bits including the sign bit. Since the length is restricted to 10 bits, 512 cannot be depicted. However, -512 can be shown, since the range for 10 bits including the sign bit would be from 511 to -512 as a special condition (+0 and -0 are depicted not as two but only one way). The answer does not get affected.

    In (iii), there is actually an overflow since the sign bits of both the numbers are 0 but in the total it is 1. This is also borne out from the fact that the answer 512 cannot be depicted by 10 bits including the sign bit. The tenth bit is 1 but it is the sign bit.

    Q.1 (d) has not been solved.

    Q.1.(e) has been incorrectly copied. Counting would be 0,1,2,0,1,2,0 and NOT 0,2,0,2,..
    While the state table and state diagrams are correct, the k-maps and the logic diagram appear to be incorrect. As displayed, the logic diagram would produce 00, 10, 01, 00, .. instead of 00, 01, 10, 00, ..

    Q.1.(f) also has some discrepancies. Biased exponent would be 64+5 = 69 and not 68 and would be depicted as 100 0101. Significand is correct.
    Depiction of the floating point number is having 25 digits instead of 24 specified. Also, the numbering of digits would be from the left, and the sign bit of the exponent would be the first digit or the o position. Exponent would be from digit 1 to 7, and the significand from 8 to 23. Exponent has been shown in 8 bits in stead of 7. The correct representation would be as follows
    0 100 0101 0001 0001 0000 0000

    More later.

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