IGNOU MCA Date Sheet for June 2014 Term End Exam


IGNOU has also announced MCA Tentative Date Sheet for the June 2014 Term End Examination for all Semesters .

   IGNOU MCA Tentative Date Sheet for Term End Examination June 2014

Date Day 2PM – 5PM 10AM – 1 PM
3-06-2014 Tuesday MCS-031
5-06-2014 Thursday MCS-032
6-06-2014 Friday MCS-011 MCS-051
7-06-2014 Saturday MCS-021
9-06-2014 Monday MCS-033
10-06-2014 Tuesday MCS-012 MCS-052
11-06-2014 Wednesday MCS-013 MCS-053
12-06-2014 Thursday MCS-022
13-06-2014 Friday MCS-014 MCSE-003
14-06-2014 Saturday MCS-023
16-06-2014 Monday MCS-015 MCSE-004
17-06-2014 Tuesday MCS-024
18-06-2014 Wednesday MCS-034
19-06-2014 Thursday MCS-035
20-06-2014 Friday MCS-041
23-06-2014 Monday MCSE-011
26-06-2014 Thursday MCS-042
28-06-2014 Saturday MCS-043

You may contact your Regional Centres for venue and schedule of IGNOU MCA Practical Examination June 2014.


  1. Prabhu…
    here MCS-015 date is wrong…..in my call letter exam date is 25-06-2014 mentioned…..n u have updated 16-06 plz conform and response me….


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