IGNOU MCA 3rd Sem Solved Assignments 2012-13

Below is the IGNOU MCA 3rd Sem Solved Assignments For July-January-2012-13 Session and if you want just Assignments questions, then you can Download it from official Site of Ignou .

Solved Assignments Details :

1 – Design and Analysis of Algorithms ( MCS-031 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCS-031 Solved Assignment 2012-13

Updated – Answers of the Question 7 and 8 Added .

2 – Object Oriented Analysis and Design ( MCS-032 )

Download IGNOU MCS-032 Solved Assignment 2012-13

Updated and Answer of the Question 8 Added .

3 – Advanced Discrete Mathematics ( MCS-033 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCS-033 Solved Assignment 2012-13


4 – Software Engineering ( MCS-034 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCS-034 Solved Assignment 2012-13

5 – Accountancy and Financial Management ( MCS-035 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCS-035 Solved Assignment 2012-13

6 – Lab Course ( MCSL-036 )

Maximum Marks – 100

Download IGNOU MCSL-036 Solved Assignment 2012-13

Note – Third Part of MSCL-036 Find on Sheet 2 of Excel File .

MCSL-036 Part 1 and Part 2 Credit – Vijayjyotani .

Special Thanks to Abhay Kumar for Providing Solution of Part 3 MCS-035 in MCSL-036 Solved Assignment.

RememberLast Dates of Submission For July 2012 Session is 15th October, 2012 and for January 2013 Session its 15th April, 2013 .

More Assignments will be added Soon . Keep Checking . :)

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    What is ternary association? Explain how ternary associations
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    plzzz give the answers of the above question also,,,,

    • Admin

      ok will check and update it asap.

    • ignousolvedassignments

      Answer of Question 8 Added. :)

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