IGNOU MCA 1st Sem Solved Assignments 2012-13

IGNOU MCA First Semester Solved Assignments For July-January-2012-13 Session is now available here at Free of Cost .

MCA First Semester Solved Assignments Details :

1 – Problem Solving and Programming (MCS-011)

Download MCS-011 Solved Assignment 2012-13


2 – Computer Organisation and Assembly Language (MCS-012)

Download MCS-012 Solved Assignment 2012-13

Shared By Rohit

3 – Discrete Mathematics (MCS-013)

Download MCS-013 Solved Assignment 2012-13

4- Systems Analysis and Design (MCS-014)

Download MCS-014 Solved Assignment 2012-13

5 – Communication Skills (MCS-015)

Download MCS-015 Solved Assignment 2012-13

6 – Internet Concepts and Web Design (MCSL-016)

Download MCSL-016 Solved Assignment 2012-13

7 – C and Assembly Language Programming (MCSL-017)

Download MCSL-017 Solved Assignment 2012-13

Remember – Last Date of First Semester Assignments Submission For July 2012 Session is 15th October, 2012 and for January 2013 Session its 15th April, 2013 .

Remaining Assignments will be added Asap. For More Updates Join us on Facebook . 

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    Here in MCS-011 the given answer of Question noumber 5 is same as question number 4, so please provide the correct answer.
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      Hey Vaibhava Thanks for Informing, Now Answer of 5 is updated . :)

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        Sir please provide the answers about MCS-012, MCS-013, MCS-016.
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      • Vaibhava Singh

        and also provide the answer of of Question number 3 & 6 in MCS-015.

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    • presentation should be written by ourself…everybody’s presentation may be different from one another

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    Thax for your kindness. Kindly upload the Assignment for MCS-13 too(Discreet Maths)

  14. Ahtram

    Thanx for your kindness. Kindly upload the Assignment for MCS-13 too(Discreet Maths)

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    Well really good job with other stuffs.

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    ignou (jaipur) assignment last date 30 sept. 2012

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    MCS 014 Assignment we have attendance tracker image should we print and
    stick that image or not

  37. pleae provide me cs-60 and mcs-12 &13 solved assignment for MCA-I Semister

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