Accenture placement paper pattern 6



MODE : Off-Campus (Java, J2EE Experienced Category)

Hi all,

Many people are asking about the accenture qn
pattern….So here are some details…

The written test on java is very simple and definitly
u can get thro if u have basic idea about java.
only 2 to 3 questions in EJB rest all from core java
and servlets and JSP.

The GD was about “worm in Cadburys chocolate….who
was at fault??” ….u need not worry here also if u
have basic communication skill……. but dont fight
in GD…. if someone interuppts just listen to him/
her and then place ur point across.

HR interview is just to know ur intention and what
idea u have about accenture.

Technical round, i was asked about the difference
between sendredirect and forward. Then about iplanet
server. Also 2 to 3 basic questions thats all.

[There is no specific order for HR or Technical round
…all depends on the availability of interviewrs]

All the best ..


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